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We are a team of like-minded people who, like all of you, wanted to share our stories with the world through various donor platforms. But we came across an unpleasant surprise. The citizens of our country could not share their life stories with the world. We felt as if we were not part of the world, as if our life stories were not as important as the stories of the people on the list of those donation platforms. We remained silenced, marginalized and with hurt feelings. That is why every life story is important, no matter where it comes from and who writes it. That motivated us to start a project by ourselves. A project to build our own donation platform with the help of our friends and donors where there will be no restrictions. A platform where everyone can tell their life story no matter where they come from, and to find their own donors who will make their life easier. Although these are difficult times, our team has optimistic views. We do not see the world in black and white. The world is full of color, and we believe in the goodness of humanity. Our motto is: Small things make a person happy and the world big. You will help us write our history. Our history is you, you the citizens of the world. We are going to need all of your selfless support in every possible way. Share our page, tell your friends about the new, non-selective donation page.

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